This year’s Painswick Feast event will include an exciting array of stalls – representing our local food producers, our creators of crafts and art, and our businesses, clubs, charities and societies. All this happens in St Mary’s Churchyard.

As a visitor to the Feast, you’ll have great browsing and shopping opportunities. You’ll be able to buy all kinds of fantastic local products and produce. You can discover more about all the great things going on in our community – and maybe you’ll be inspired to find a new group or activity to join!

Building on the enthusiasm and success of last year, the 2015 Feast will reflect the whole Painswick community.

If you are a local producer, business or group and would like to take part in this great celebration, click here to get in touch and find out how to be involved.



Painswick is famous for food. Which is why our biggest event is the Feast!

Whether you are looking for a top-notch banquet or a light snack, you can find in Painswick exactly the place you need. All our restaurants and eateries are represented in the Feast and in the stalls.

There is also a great range of local food producers to find out about: succulent local lamb and beef, free range eggs, fine fruit and vegetables – you name it! And of course the Apple Pressing event through the day is a great celebration of our famous local apple orchards and gardens.



Our pretty Painswick gardens are almost as well known as our historic houses. There will be a gardening marquee, where you can meet fellow gardening enthusiasts, buy plants of all kinds – and soon you’ll be able to make your own garden even more of a delight for yourself and for everyone.



Painswick enjoys a vibrant wellbeing sector. This comes in many forms. You can find quality personal training for yourself, discover groups you can join for group wellbeing such as pilates, yoga or simply walking. And there is a range of therapies to meet all needs.

Arts and Crafts


Painswick has a long and esteemed tradition of much sought-after arts and crafts. You will be able to find pretty much everything: paintings in oils and watercolours, prints and cars, jewellery of all kinds, delightful ceramics, fascinating treen. There’s everything to admire and to choose from.

Clubs and Societies


Whatever your interest, you can meet others to share it with you in Painswick. If you’re sporting, there is golf, hockey, tennis, rugby, cricket, bowling, to name a few. You can find scouts and guides, PSALMS, the Youth Club; you may be interested in bell-ringing or birds, dancing or dogs; if you’re musical, you can find others to sing with or enjoy the concerts put on through the year; there’s local History and Ecology groups. A fantastic array of interests to join and explore.

Local Businesses

As well as being a delightful place to live, Painswick has a vital commercial core. Which is as it should be. Come and find out more about what is going on in the business dimension of our community. Just a sample includes: skilled architects, builders and decorators, drystone-walling, accountancy and marketing wizards, blacksmiths and stonemasons, publishers and legal advisers, florists and photographers, motor mechanics and fabrics. The dizzying list is endless.


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Stallholders Booking Form

Painswick Feast

Sunday 20 September 2015 

Information for stallholders

The Painswick Feast is located in St Mary’s Churchyard and will reflect the whole Painswick community.  Stalls are available for local food producers, craft and art creators, businesses, clubs, charities and societies.  The Feast includes: apple pressing, the Clypping Celebration, live music, feasting and general jollity!  



  • the Feast will run from 11.00 am to around 6.00 pm
  • set-up for stalls is from 9.00 am to 11.00 am
  • pitches are about 2m long (larger pitches available on request)
  • tables available on request
  • charges given in the grid below
  • parking is available at the rear of the Church Rooms in the Stamages Lane car park (GL6 6UZ for satnav)
  • at the discretion of the organisers, in the event of wet weather, stallholders will be offered to relocate into the Church Rooms and/or the Church


ChargesClubs, societies, community groups and charitiesBusiness stallholders


Payment is by cheque made out to Painswick Parish Council, or by BACS transfer to: Sort Code: 30-98-29    Acc No.: 07401255    Acc Name: Painswick Parish Council – please use Feast as the BACS ‘reference. Payment is to be made in advance.  Email booking is made via or postal booking to:

Stephen Aiano

Ashton House

Gloucester Street




Stephen Aiano can be contacted on 07798 645666 if you have any queries.

Booking form for stalls at the Painswick Feast 2015

Please reserve me a pitch


Name of business or organisation 


Personal name for stall-holder booking 


Email address 


Phone number 


Product or activity 


Do you want to have the use of a table[*]?YES / NO
Special features if any (eg large area needed, live animals, etc)




Application by post (cheque):

  • I enclose a cheque for £5 ☐ clubs, societies, community groups, charities £10 ☐ business stallholders


Application by email:

  • I have posted a cheque for £5 ☐ clubs, societies, community groups, charities £10 ☐ business stallholders


  • I have paid £5 ☐ clubs, societies, community groups, charities £10 ☐ business stallholders by BACS transfer into the Painswick Parish Council account






Name (please print):





Please complete this form and email it to or post it to:

Stephen Aiano

Ashton House

Gloucester Street

Painswick   GL6 6QN

[*] tables will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

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